My pencil

January 23, 2010

My pencil is long and pointed.It is yellowin colour.It is ten ruppees.I bought it is made in china.I can write nicely with it.It made of wood and lead.My pencil is smooth pencil.It is very handsome.I like it.



January 23, 2010

Sri lanka has been famous for gemstones from the eraliest times.It’s an important export trade today.Ratnapura is the most in portant region for gems.The blue sapphire is the king of Sri lankan gems.The cutting of gems is a specialized job.Different regions in the country have different ways of making Jewellery.Now women too worin the gem trade.



December 12, 2009

Masks are also imaginainative crations of the village craftsmen coming down from ancraient times.Masks are made of wood and used for rituals and folk plays.Masks are carved by croftsmen according to potterns approved by custom and Tradition.Ambalangoda is famous for its.


Sinhala and Hindu new year

November 28, 2009

Sinhala and Hindu new year falls on the 13th and 14 of Apirl.The cuckoo brid announces the new years.The Erabodu trees a full of flowers.pepole clean their houses.There were new clothes on this day.sweetmeets are prepared in every houses.children light cracketers.Every work is stated at on auspicious time.people visit reations.New years brings us prosperity.This is a very special day to sinhalese Hindus.visit our evillage e: www.hakmana.org


Sri lanka Cricket team

November 21, 2009

Cricket is an International game.It needs two teams to play the game.A Cricket team has eleven  plavers.It needs bat and ball to play the game.A Cricket wears a special suit. cricket is a  western sport.Cricket gives a lot of practice to the body and mind Sri lanka has a good cricket    team.Sri lankan cricket team is Mahela Jayawardana.I wish your cricket team.




November 18, 2009

seasons and climates are there beacause of weather. coulds,wind,rain and snow chage the weather. Moon has no air So there are no seasons and climates on the moon.The seasons in Europe are different from the seasons in Sri lanka. These countries have four seasons. There are Spring,Summer,Autumn and Wintetr.Springis betwen winter. It is beautiful season.



November 14, 2009

Kitulgala was a calm,quiet and sleepy village.The Kelani river flowed down the village.The mornings were beautiful with the mist-around.some years,a them of foreigners came there.were are looking for a location to shot a film.It was a ture story.
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