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Sri viwakarama Temple

June 11, 2011

Sri viwakarama temple is beautiful and old temple is situated at Lalpay village in Hakmana town.There was huge large and beautiful boa tree in this temple.There are 12 throes live in this temple.That the ancient temple believe there is a white king cobra live in this many people came to worship to this temple Around this temple.There are huge and beautiful jungle.So many endemic in herbal plants are there.So we must protect this ancient temple for our future.we protect this old temple.


Our president

May 21, 2011

Our president is Mr.Mahinda Rajapaksha.he was born is south province.he has three sons.he is very and forbearing person.president has a cute we have a free country.he treats poor people.his wife is Mrs.Shirani Rajapaksha.she also helps our president.she is very good and kind.we respect him for developing our country.he is a good leader.we respect our president.small children love our president.”god bless you” our president.

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My class room

December 14, 2010

My class room is very is a big class room.That is yellow in color.there is 35 children in my class room.there is a flower vase in my teacher’s tabla.there are 35 desks and 36 chairs.we have put up a time table on the well.friends draw lovely things and paste them on the’s very useful to us.there is a black bard.we keep our class room clean.
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Heen ettora

October 9, 2010

This grass grows well in the dry zone.especially in poor is also a good pasture is difficult to destroy heen ettora and it fen becomes a bad found throughout the is common in open areas and on road sides.


Madduma Bandara

February 27, 2010

Madduma Bandara is a Sri lankan boy.He is considered as national hero.Hes father was Eahalepola Nilama.In his family there were five members;his father,his mother,his elder brother,his younger sister and himself.His elder brother was not brave.Madduma Bandara is a brave boy.He died for his family and his country.Today,we remember his as a national hero.



January 23, 2010

Sri lanka has been famous for gemstones from the eraliest times.It’s an important export trade today.Ratnapura is the most in portant region for gems.The blue sapphire is the king of Sri lankan gems.The cutting of gems is a specialized job.Different regions in the country have different ways of making Jewellery.Now women too worin the gem trade.



December 12, 2009

Masks are also imaginainative crations of the village craftsmen coming down from ancraient times.Masks are made of wood and used for rituals and folk plays.Masks are carved by croftsmen according to potterns approved by custom and Tradition.Ambalangoda is famous for its.